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Is Your Business Impacted by a Regulation?

Consult an administrative lawyer

Government regulation can have a profound impact on a company's business operations and is a crucial factor in corporate strategic planning. Regulatory and enforcement actions by federal, state and local agencies can impose significant costs, impact promising opportunities, and in certain cases threaten the vitality of a business.

At Hessian & McKasy we regularly represent clients in formal and informal enforcement and permitting actions before government agencies, administrative law judges and in federal and state court. The correct response to government regulatory actions will vary. In certain cases a court challenge is necessary. Other times, the best approach involves further proceedings before the relevant agency. In every case, a thorough understanding of the principles of the governing agency conduct is essential.

In these regulatory matters, Hessian & McKasy's attorneys have deep familiarity with agency procedures and the administrative law process. We are focused on reaching consensus and developing pragmatic solutions to complex legal issues. Reach out to us today at 612-746-5770 to learn more about administrative law.