State Cleanup Programs in Minneapolis, MN and surrounding areas

State Cleanup Programs in Minnesota and other states

Hessian & McKasy works extensively with clients to navigate the legal, technical, and practical aspects of contaminated site remediation projects under state cleanup programs. These projects include brownfield redevelopments through voluntary cleanup programs, as well as cleanups at active commercial and industrial facilities pursuant to state Superfund and corrective action enforcement authorities.

The presence or potential presence of contaminated soil, groundwater, soil vapor, indoor air or other environmental media - whether due to recent spills or historic site activities - can complicate the use and redevelopment of real property, interfere with project financing, and result in the imposition of cleanup liability on site owners, occupants and other parties. Hessian & McKasy's attorneys, and the Firm's technical consultant partners, possess decades of combined experience counseling clients on all aspects of site remediation issues. We help clients find innovative, practical and cost-effective cleanup solutions, resulting in state approvals consistent with business objectives and that are protective of human health and the environment. When appropriate, we undertake cost recovery claims seeking reimbursement from responsible parties.

PFAS groundwater regulations Minneapolis mn

We have helped clients with cleanups in states across the country.

Our familiarity with state cleanup programs is wide-ranging, including completion of numerous projects under Minnesota's Voluntary Investigation and Cleanup ("VIC") and Petroleum Brownfields Programs. Hessian & McKasy's knowledge arises from working with clients and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency ("MPCA") staff that manage these programs through the development and modification of these programs over the years.

Attorney Joseph Maternowski was recently appointed to the MPCA's Stakeholder Group for the PFAS Remediation Program element of the MPCA's PFAS Monitoring Plan. The PFAS Stakeholder Group will develop cleanup standards for PFAS in soil, groundwater and other media that will be applicable to voluntary cleanups and at sites where the MPCA is using its enforcement authority to compel responsible parties to undertake cleanups.

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